assignment #5

December 12, 2008

what are the major themes in digital art…and why?

artificial life and intelligence: let computers facilitate formulative thinking and to enable man and computers to cooperate in making decisions and controlling complex situations. this is a social and cultural evolution, where communication, control, and feedback occur in artificial life, computers. Computers may not help us understand the structure of ideas, but they will very well change the processess of the way we think.

1.telepresence and 2.telerobotics: 1.explore remote human communication and exchange (sometimes in a performance situation). set of technologies which allow a person to feel as if they were present, to give the appearance that they were present, or to have an effect, at a location other than their true location.
2.area of robotics concerned with the control of robots from a distance, chiefly using wireless connections (like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, the Deep Space Network, and similar), “tethered” connections, or the Internet. It is a combination of two major subfields, teleoperation and telepresence.

database aesthetics: primarily when you think of a database, you think of a structural set of information. aesthetics brings in a whold new light to this idea by allowing it to be a medium for art.

mapping: digital and mental organizing structure. Where the information space is no longer embodied to a specific structure, yet it now flows free in an abstract form. user can customize one’s own navigation route.

data visualization: allow users to navigate visual and textual information and experiences over time. it changes over time because it is continuouslly responding to new data. study of the visual representation of data, defined as information which has been abstracted in some schematic form, including attributes or variables for the units of information.

net activism and tactical media: defined as the appropriation of mass media in order to oppose and criticize a target which often occupies a certain position of power. This modern form of activism can be recognized by its use of current technology and its ‘hit-and-run tactics’ media campaigns which are often short-lived in nature. The purpose of tactical media lays within the type of information it distributes and the warnings it can sometimes produce. By generating this information and creating this reaction, tactical media attempts to reverse the one-way-flow of communication and power and give some of the control back to the public.

gaming and hypermedia narrative environments: gaming is a huge outlet for people. The amount of effort it takes to put into these medias is incredible. It is without a doubt an art. used as a logical extension of the term hypertext in which graphics, audio, video, plain text and hyperlinks intertwine to create a generally non-linear medium of information.


assignment 3

December 12, 2008

using digital techonolgies as a tool compared to using it as a medium is something i never really thought about until this class. sure, i’ve used the computer to crop and mix up my pictures, or record my music, but i’ve never looked at it as a medium. The book describes tecnology as an artistic medium when work exclusively uses the digital platform from production to presentation, and that it exhibits and explores that platform’s inherent possibilities. It is a distinct from of aesthetics: it is interactive, participatory, dynamic, and customizable. I experienced this medium while learning all of the different methods for each project we produced by navigating, assembling, and contributing my own ideas through digital concepts. I can use digital technology any day as a tool by paying an online bill, searching for some sort of want or necessity, or just communicating with people in my life. The internet has made it so much easier for the human race to function on a completely different level than 25 years ago…It has become his infinite playground…which makes it easy to accept that it can also be considered an artists playground. When artists use paint, pencils, clay, metal… they are showing an idea that they have. they are trying to get a meaning across to the public, or maybe just even to themselves, to justify some sort of idea they possess in their head. The same thing goes for the art that is made digitally. The abstract art you see in the gallerys should have the same effect as a piece created digitally, online. I wouldnt necessarily consider youtube to be as glorious as a beautiful painting, but it definitely serves as an artists outlet to speak their minds and show their souls. I never would have thought our world would be as it is today. We are so technologically dependent, it’s a wonder how we ever got along before this age came about. I will always use the computer as a tool, i can type faster than i can hand print!…but i defniitely will use it now more than ever as an art medium. I never thought about the fact that i was showcasing art when i would put my videos up of me playing guitar, or uploaded pictures to myspace and facebook….and now ive learned even more… now that i can make my own intricate videos, and photoshop the hell out of an image. i love the fact that i have endless reign over this thing we call the internet/computer….I’m very greatful for knowing what i know….it makes me excited to see where are will go from here!

December 5, 2008

i really enjoyed this project.  i wouldnt necessarily call myself computer challenged, but this was quite a task for me at first…. I had no idea what i was doing… but i liked that fact that i could be as abstract as i wanted with this final project… i found this hilarious will smith rap from family guy and paired it with: black guy doing a white guy dance, early footage of dancing, and one of the first kisses every recorded on film….

I thoroughly enjoyed this class and honestly know i will use what i’ve learned in the future… i no longer think of the computer as a tool, but as a medium 🙂

My landscape contains only but a fraction of the things that float around in my mind….these are some of my favorite music, philosophies, people, and passions.


MoonLex Virtual Landscape

Abject: Melting Time

October 17, 2008

Melting Time

I brainstormed a ton on this project, taking my time to figure out what about me could be characterized in abject form. I decided to take a more personal and serious route with my images by telling the story of a time when I had a substance abuse problem. It was difficult spending so much time on a period of my life that I am personally not fond of. Luckily, with time I have managed to build a healthy foundation for myself as opposed to a time in my life when everything was just melting away.

Feast of Humanity

October 2, 2008

For my first project, I chose to seek influence from one of my all time favorite writers/philosophers, Kahlil Gibran.  We were asked to create a poster referring to some personal or observed ideology
for the purpose of affecting the viewers thinking on the subject.  I wanted to share my views on how important it is for people to understand the power that lies within our minds.  We have so many different languages, cultures, and ideas; and we need to appreciate the source of our differences… our minds.  I wanted the hands to represent a multicultural, humanistic symbol and the quote to fend for itself.  The simplicity of the words helps show the contrasted depth of the picture. The hands are open as if sharing or giving of the feast of humanity; mind; knowledge…

I used an image of henna hands I found on google.  I used photoshop to change the background color to black with a shadow of light.  I also changed the tips of the fingers as well as the color hues of the actual henna art.

*This ad is very successful in illuminating the purpose of the product, orbit gum.  It is an abstract, personification of “teeth” depicted as bright white light bulbs.

*Formal elements are utilized:

Line- implied lines making teeth…abstract

Form- very full looking set of teeth

space- is used well as they keep it simple with the focal point as the main statement. perspective is used as you follow the teeth towards the back ends of the personified mouth.

texture- looks like light bulbs, looks warm and bright.

value/color- very bright…black and white contrast used well

*Color is used in a black and white scheme, the white playing a major role in the actual illumination.  The color really showcases the focal point, the light bulbs. The negative space (the black) is very important in helping the white color stand out.  The actual product in itself is brightly colored, yet small down at the bottom right corner…it’s perfect size in reminding me what the actual product looks like…without taking away from the ad.

The information flows very simply and straight to the point.  The slogan is also illuminated just like the “light bulb teeth”.

I am visually led through this image by immediately focusing my eyes on the light bulb teeth.  It is so bright that I can’t keep my eyes off of it. The glow around the light helps my eyes focus out to read the slogan.

Assignment #2

September 12, 2008

PRompT: hOW DOES digITAL aRT/new media relate to/ or impact differet aspects of our western culture?

Western Culture has greatly been impacted by digital art/ new media.  It is “Inextricably linked to the military- industrial complex, research centers and consumer culture” (8).     We are able to successfully vote because of this technology.  We are able to look at almost any image or obtain any information needed from online.  We have been afforded the opportunity to enhance, alter, change, and adjust any image or text we want.  Everywhere you go, you see how digital art has affected our way of The ENIAC and UNIVAC were the first forms of a computer living.  I am a part of a generation that sees the use of digital art and new media as a necessary normalcy.  I can’t imagine what the world would be like without brilliant advertisements for phones, restaurants, hair products, cars, etc.  Just about everything has a visual flavor to it that has been influenced by digital art and new media.  What was life like without TV’s, computers, and cell phones?  Art exists amongst those three things like it was going out of style.  

Digital technology is so amazing in that it suffices as a tool for any artist.  You are afforded the opportunity to have free reign over any application, image, color, etc., existing online.  The ENIAC and UNIVAC were the first forms of a computer to be used.  Theodore Nelson changed the way we viewed and used these primitive computers by creating hypertext and hypermedia, ways to communicate and flow along your own path over the internet/computer.   Stemming from one small concept, today’s technology, using digital art and new media, has become quite the addiction for billions of people.  We crave a dependence on it for materialistic purposes, as well as aesthetically pleasing.  Right now, as I sit at my computer, I think about how I am permanently impacted by new media.  This class is something I have never done before, but I am just now realizing the importance of it for our future.  Our world is becoming more and more technologically advanced and I plan o being a part of it.  I am seriously looking forward to creating art ad putting down my ideas in a way that I never would have before.  I have more or less looked at the computer and digital images as something of a necessity in my life from now on.  As a musician and artist, what better way than to show off my stuff so anyone can see it.


August 22, 2008

so, i’m very fresh to denver…. i moved here at the beginning of june from DallaS. It’s been an interesting adjustment completely starting over….creating a new life for myself…

I have found that the people in Denver are wonderfully amazing and open minded…but i miss my best friends, who still reside in my hometown.  I decided to focus attention on my best friend, Lauren, for our first project.  I used stickie notes as my unconventional art canvas.  I pasted four different images of lauren that were taken on one of the most chill days of summer that we shared together before i moved out here.  The images were already digitally enhanced and made abstract (from the camera settings)…. mirroring our perception of that day, as i am sure our minds were enhanced to a degree. these stickie notes are “little reminders” of a friendship that has sustained lifetimes…


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Morning glory

August 15, 2008

It’s the first day of a class…

I feel as if a new light of art has been shed… I’m excited to pursue a digital stance.